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The DAC viMate© is a National Instruments LabVIEW based application to interface with a Fanuc Robot Controller.  viMate© works in conjunction with Fanuc Robot Server installed on a PC running Microsoft Windows XP or Vista.  An Ethernet connection is required between the PC and the robot controller.  viMate© provides a library of protected LabVIEW VIs that can be used in a custom LabVIEW application.  This library was developed using LabVIEW 8.5 to open a connection to the robot controller through Robot Server and perform the following tasks;

  • View and update data registers.
  • View and update position registers (X, Y, Z, P, R, W).
  • View and update speed rate override.
  • Select and run a teach pendant program residing in the robot controller.
  • View a list of Teach Pendant programs that reside in the robot controller.
  • View and update the robot controller’s Remote State.
  • View the current position of the robot in world view (X, Y, Z, P, R, W).
  • View the state of the User Operator Panel on the Teach Pendant (Cmd Enabled, Fault, Batt Alarm, Busy).
  • View the state of the System Operator Panel on the Teach Pendant (Remote, Cycle Start, Hold, Fault LED, Batt Alarm, TP Enabled).
  • View alarm history.
  • View active alarms indicator.
  • View and set Robot IO.


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viMate Interface

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DAC viMate© LabVIEW based Fanuc Robot Interface Details

Product Details:

DAC’s viMate© custom interface software developed using National Instruments LabVIEW 8.5 to remotely update registers, execute program and monitors position.

Specification – Controls

  • Ethernet communication to robot controller

Specification – Software

  • DAC viMate© is a LabVIEW based custom application to interface with Fanuc
    • Robot Controller Remote update of generic registers
    • Remote update of position registers X,Y,Z,w,p,r
    • Modification of point-to-point speed.
    • Remote Program Selection & Execution
    • Control the number of program execution cycles
    • Pause/Resume between program execution
  • Test sequencing remote start/stop
  • HMI interface
  • Alarm and error messaging indication
  • Robot position indication

Specification – Deliverables

  • DAC will deliver the following items:
  • DAC viMate© custom application for robot interface – single license installed to interface with a single controller
  • DAC viMate© LabVIEW protected vi’s to incorporate to end-user application.

Other Information

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