Soft Goods Cutting

Soft Goods Cutting System

Design and Assembly Concepts has an Eastman Static Cutting Table System in house, making it posible to cut nearly any shape out of a huge range of flexible materials.

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The Eastman's Static Table System provides superior cutting performance and increased throughput. Capable of marking, cutting, drilling and punching virtually any flexible material at speeds of up to 60 inches per second (152.4cm/s); the Static table system registers accuracy of +/- .015 inches (.4mm), with higher accuracies available.

The user interface of EasiCut™ is virtually intuitive. The software makes it easy to control tool types, speeds, accelerations, and restart a file, or recut pieces. EasiCut™ aids efficiency by removing common lines, duplicate entities, and edge cuts. Material is spread across the static table and its internal blower system ensures material hold-down for cutting accuracy.


Robust Design and Performance

  • Single or low-ply layer cutting
  • Open vacuum system design for evenly dispersed airflow
  • Optimal material hold-down across the cutting surface
  • Standard three-tool cutting head
  • Standard porous plastic table top
  • Optional Lexan®, Urethane, PVC and microfiber table tops
  • Consistent high-speed cutting and repeatable accuracy
  • Ideal for prototyping and sample making
  • Optimum material yields, labor savings and lower operating costs
  • Standard and custom vacuum zoning available
  • Four remote emergency stops: two on gantry, two table mounted
  • Diode laser pointing alignment tool
  • Choice of extended warranty plans

Product Information

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The Eastman Cutting Table In Action

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