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radii 38 - Led Accent Light Product Line

radii 38 is an LED based Surface Adjustable Accent light that delivers luminous intensities equal to 90W Par 38 halogen and 100W Par 38 Metal Halide lamps. This 50,000 hour downlight is excellent for areas with high ceilings where accessibility is difficult and maintenance is expensive. Three different beam spreads (10°, 25° and 50°) and two different shielding options (Cross Blade Baffle and Snoot) make this downlight extremely versatile for the most challenging applications. LEDs do not emit ultra-violet & infrared rays nor do they produce any heat in the beam of light. These attributes make radii 38 an excellent choice for accenting artwork or sensitive materials. Optics and shielding may be field interchangeable to allow Designers and End-User ultimate flexibility over the life of the fixture. radii may be installed in ambient temperatures up to 120°F (48.9°C).

For the Standard Output option, a heavy duty die cast aluminum housing provides required thermal management to ensure stable lumen output and long life. The High Output option includes heavy duty die cast aluminum housing coupled with a patented, active cooling device. This fanless (virtually silent) air mover, by Nuventix, Inc, utilizes turbulent pulses of air to cool the heat sink.

Mounting Options
radii 38 has a variety of different mounting options. The Surface Mounted Downlight, Surface Adjustable Accent light and the Track Head all have dedicated specification sheets. Consult io catalog or for literature.

All fixtures are pre-wired and pre-assembled for easy installation. Control circuit and transformer are housed in the junction box which is located in the (non IC) ceiling plenum. Junction box assembly is 4" square and 3 1/8" deep and comes with fixture. 120v or 277v AC supply is required for the 12v DC Transformer. Dimming available with 0-10v pre-wired circuit and is compatible with an electronic Nova T Lutron Dimmer. Consult factory for alternate dimming availablility.

Power Consumption
• Standard Output: 22 watts • High Output: 45 watts

Black, white and silver paint finishes are standard. Shielding media and active cooling devices are always grey



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