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Design & Assembly Concepts, Inc. DAC provides innovated, custom designed manufacturing solutions for companies in the US and around the world. Founded in 1997, DAC custom designs, builds and installs manufacturing solutions to many of the world's most successful companies. DAC supports customers in industries such as computers, automotive, electronics, food & beverage, healthcare, military, solar, consumer products, pharmaceuticals, and petroleum. DAC is a vertically integrated company that designs products, builds fixtures,creates fully automated robotic systems, and custom equipment.

Machine Tending Systems - Robotic systems to load and unload machine tools, lathes, presses, injection mold machines.

Assembly Systems - From basic fixtures to fully automated robotic systems, these machines help increase quality of the products and increase capacity of manufacturing operations.

Material Handling Systems - Full range of systems to pick, pack, and palletize packaged or un-packaged products. Robotic automation of products to assist in manufacturing processes and end of line handling.

Vision Systems - Line tracking with vision and sensing is utilized for inspection. Customized systems for vision guided automation, assembly, barcode reading, and inspection.

DAC Partners with Modula: Design & Assembly Concepts announces that they are now a

distributor for Modula, one of the world's leading manufacturers of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS).  Not only can Modula's product line help your company recover up to 90% of available floor space but it can also increase picking accuracy and throughput, add product security, as well as improve your workforce's ergonomic functions.



DAC Introduces Robotic Machine Tending Skid: Design & Assembly Concepts introduces a universal Machine Tending Skid to robotically load and unload CNC machining centers.


DAC receives Fanuc Robotics Integrator Growth and Sales Excellence Awards: Awarded "Growth Award" for 50% Growth and "Sales Excellence" for outstanding unit sales.


We partner with the following companies:

Fanuc Robotics Item South Modula ASRS Systems Omron Allen Bradley Siemens